Welcome to Christian Center. We're so glad you're here. Christian Center is an international church in the south of Brussels, made to be a church for all nations, all people, all social classes, all ages. More than a Sunday morning church, we are here all week to be with you. Whether in our meetings during the week or simply with a cup of coffee and one of our pastoral staff, we deeply care about who you are and how you can grow in Jesus. Children, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors, English or French speaking, you will find a home with us.

Please find here all the latest information about our community of believers. You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrusselsChristianCenter

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  • Jesus Revolution Concert: STORIES

    FREE ENTRY! Stories is a full two-hour concert of professional quality. We use live singing and choreography together with a full media production including true...

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  • Easter Services

    Join us on Easter weekend for some amazing services: on Good Friday, at 8PM, we will gather for a bilingual service and we will remember...

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  • Christian Center Refugee Support: 2016 Report

    2016 Statistics for Refugee Support Ministry at Christian Center Here is a generalized account of the statistics for the Refugee Ministry at Christian Center from...

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