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Christian Center Refugee Support: 2016 Report

2016 Statistics for Refugee Support Ministry at Christian Center

Here is a generalized account of the statistics for the Refugee Ministry at Christian Center from January 2016 to February 2017. These items are a combination of new and previously owned items provided by Christian Center, Convoy of Hope EU, Breaking Chains, SIRDA and many individuals. Items distributed:

Food/Meals: 8,200
Clothing/shoes/blankets: 7,000
Hygiene Products: 4,400
People Affected (Adults and Children): 10,200
Bibles Distributed: 80

CGRA Statistics:

More than 15,000 received protected status in Belgium in 2016 and ½ were Syrian. The top 3 countries that received status were Syria, Iraq and Somalia. The rate of applications that received refugee status is 57.7%. However, the total amount of applications that were received in 2016 were 18,710 down from 44,760 in 2015.

By my calculations out of 63,470 application from 2015 thru to November 2016 there have been 35,200 decisions made. This will leave 28,270 people in the asylum process in centers throughout Belgium. With the dramatic decline in new arrivals over this past year, our team continues to seek out opportunities to help in practical ways in the refugee centers in Belgium. This help involves collecting and distributing clothing, hygiene, food, health needs and transport to appointments and church as well as spiritual and emotional needs.

On average, Christian Center Refugee team supports 35 individuals (in different ways) each week including children.


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