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Official protocol

Guidelines from the official protocol received from the Federal Synod / ARPEE in view of our re-entry in our church facilities, on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

1) Coordination of public services by the congregations

The following rules and recommendations are designed to maintain safe conditions for church members. To achieve this, the Pastor will appoint a coordination team for the practical organization in each congregation, possibly including someone from the medical sector.

2) Available area and calculation of the number of people

The number of people who can come to worship is calculated according to the available area. The space available includes space where you can sit and where you can move. In a church building 1 one person per 10 m2 can be received. The maximum number of church participants is always limited to 100, including children. No more seats should be available than people can be admitted. The distance of 1.5 m from any other person must always be respected, except for those living under one roof.

3) Restricting access to public services

People with suspected infection are asked to stay at home, including pastors.

People with symptoms (cough, fever, muscle aches, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, nausea, eye pain etc.), however limited, should stay at home.

People who have recently been in contact with Covid-19 patients should stay at home. For the at-risk groups, it is recommended not to participate in worship. The faithful are informed and asked to take responsibility if they belong to this group, namely: - people with a recent history of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, weakened immunity or cancer; - people over 60, whose risk increases with age.

When entering and exiting, church members must:

4) Keep a list of participants

Based on a sense of personal responsibility and solidarity, the contact details of visitors can be requested. This allows tracing if a case of Covid-19 occurs.

In light of these guidelines, as we get ready for our first Sunday service back in our church sanctuary, on June 14th, the first 100 registered people will be admitted (including children).

Online registration must be done by Wednesday, June 10th, lunch time, via the form below.

Once your registration has been confirmed, please be at the entrance of the church building at 10.00 AM sharp to proceed with the practical entry protocol, as established by our authorities.

The action plan also includes physical access to public services on Wednesdays, as of June 17th at 7.30 PM and to two Sunday services, as of Sunday June 21st (10.45 AM & 5.00 PM).

All details will be duly communicated through our church office, verbally and on social media. Sunday services will continue to also be live streamed on our digital platforms.

Please note that the online registration procedure will be in place before each service for organizational and evaluation purposes.

Thanks for your understanding, patience and cooperation!

Service registration form

Bible studyWednesday 8th July, 7:30 PMComplete the form
ServiceSunday 12th July, 10:45 AMComplete the form
ServiceSunday 12th July, 5:00 PMComplete the form