BCC Missions

Mission is the DNA of our church.
We carry on evangelism activities, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to every people group that has not yet heard about the Love of God.
We do this via local initiatives (Compassion ministry, Prayer walks, and Adoption of Unreached people group), National and international individual or organisations whom we support in various ways (we pray, we give and we go). 


Nyka Mubanga

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When We Meet

We meet on a quarterly basis for members. We keep in touch via email and a WhatsApp group in between meetings.

Our Responsibilities

  • We prepare and lead a mission segment in both the FR and EN services  (also during Kids Rock).
  • We provide translation in collaboration with Media team.
  • We help with the facilitation of courses.
  • We help with the coordination of transportation, if needed.

Upcoming Events

  • February 11 – Prayer walk for our UPG
  • March – Mini mission trip to Lithuania and to Kosovo
  • April 28 – Mission banquet

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